Consultations - Ancestral Nutrition
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  • Initial consultations are preferably in person and will usually take around two hours.
  • Follow up consultations will usually take around 60 to 90 minutes with the first follow up consultation usually being around 30 days from the date of the first consultation.
  • Further follow up consultations will be based on the progression of the therapy and may be longer than 30 days apart.
  • Handouts containing all relevant information will be supplied at the end of the consultation and follow up contact via e-mail will be available between consultations.
  • Skype consultations are available on request if it is not feasible to attend in person.

Prior to the initial consultation:

  • I may ask you to fill out a detailed health questionnaire and keep a food diary for several days.
  • I will require a note of any current medication or supplements being used.
  • If you have access or results of any blood tests which have been performed then I may ask to see these also.
  • This information will be returned to me for assessment before the consultation.

The consultation itself will involve a detailed case history of past and current health and lifestyle being taken, including any previous/current medical conditions/ailments or interventions, as well as the health of immediate and extended family.

The information gathering should hopefully elucidate any biochemical/nutritional imbalances and the underlying health issues that are causing the current symptoms. The resultant dietary therapy will be based on this information, will be tailored to the individual and the rationale behind it will be explained fully to the patient.

The consultations and information gathered during them are treated with strict confidentiality.

Supplements and functional laboratory tests:

  • Shall only be used if they are deemed to be of real benefit and are acceptable to the patient.
  • Practitioner only brands are used to ensure the highest quality and efficacy.
  • Further diagnostic tests/blood tests shall only be used if they are likely to benefit or affect the nutritional interventions and are acceptable to the Patient, or if the Patient requests these.
  • The cost of Supplements or diagnostic tests are not covered in the consultation fee.


  • First consultation £80
  • Follow up consultations £55