A bit about me - Ancestral Nutrition
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A bit about me

My interest in nutrition began while I was studying for my degree in Pharmacy

I have always been into sport and competed in windsurfing before moving into competitive squash. Back then my interest and knowledge of nutrition was limited to the commonly accepted advice of eating a very high carbohydrate diet for performance and endurance, particularly refined or processed carbohydrates like bread and pasta. I was unaware at that time the impact this way of eating could have on my health.

A poor diet combined with a lack of good quality sleep and courses of antibiotics led to a slow and gradual deterioration in my health.

Constant fatigue, irritable bowel, repeated infections and injuries that wouldn’t heal resulted in me deciding I had to take control of my own health before things got worse, but I was largely unaware and somewhat sceptical at this stage of the effect that nutrition could have on helping my body recover and heal.

I remember being fascinated by the information contained in the first book I ever read about nutrition and the links between diet, health and disease. It motivated me to start making small changes to my own diet and read more books about the subject, until I made the decision that this was an area that I would really like to work in, so I embarked on a BSc in Nutritional Medicine.

Over the years through reading, researching and learning, I effectively utilised my diet to gradually restore my health. I stopped getting infections, my energy levels increased dramatically, old injuries started to heal and my irritable bowel resolved.

During this time I developed a real passion for my subject and began to explore and question the different paradigms that are present in the world of nutrition.

My research led me to the science based, patient centred approach of Functional Medicine and the Paleolithic/Ancestral approach to diet and lifestyle. It was with this combination that I took control of my health, was able to resolve my health issues and dramatically improve my overall quality of life and it is this approach that I continue to use in my practice today.

Let me cut through the confusion

Being on the frontline in healthcare as a Pharmacist I see many patients with diseases of diet and lifestyle who could  benefit enormously from nutritional interventions, but who, through no fault of their own, are unable to separate good nutrition advice from bad advice and are left confused by the conflicting information.

With my background in Pharmacy, along with the many years spent studying Nutrition, I am able to review research papers critically and separate poor research from bad. This allows me to base my practice recommendations on the best available evidence and up to date research, to ensure both safety and efficacy.

I believe that it is essential for clients to understand why they are suffering from poor health, what is causing their symptoms and that they understand the rationale for any dietary/supplement therapies, so that they feel empowered to make the changes required.

Through years of working as a Pharmacist and the constant patient contact it brings, I have experience in being able to explain complex health problems in a simple, easy to understand manner.

Based in Glasgow, I have worked with people suffering from various and diverse health complaints, including: type II diabetes, autoimmune disease, chronic skin complaints, obesity, chronic fatigue, impaired immune function, as well as other significant health concerns.

I have given presentations and talks on Nutrition to staff and clients of the Health Service Executive in Ireland as part of their mental health and wellbeing programme, as well as National Health Service staff on diet and lifestyle changes for health. I have also worked with Telegraph Media as their Nutrition Advisor for their Be:Fit London Hot, Healthy and Happy Challenge.

Through my own experiences and what I have learned from continual research and professional development, I have become passionate about what can be achieved, through the use of dietary and lifestyle interventions, for helping those who suffer from poor health and chronic disease and for optimising health and wellbeing.

Qualifications and memberships:

BSc Nutritional Medicine (University of West London)
BSc Hons. Pharmacy (University of Strathclyde)
Member of the British Association of Nutritional Therapists (BANT)
Member of the Institute for Functional Medicine (IFM)
Member of the European Society of Lifestyle Medicine (ESLM)
Registered with the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC)
Registered with the General Pharmaceutical Council (MGPhC)
Member of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society (MRPharmS)